Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Turkey Trot 5K

I ran my first race yesterday! I have been keeping my running on the down low, but now the cat is out of the bag. Rick and I started running together about 2 months ago. He has to get in shape for a physical test, and I was supporting him but now I can't stop. It is a mood booster for me.
Brooke, my long long long time friend ran it with me. She is such a good sport! She is doing a couch to 5K training, and maybe only half way through it. I pushed Lacey in her stroller, she slept the entire race, which made me happy:)  All three of us did an amazing job. The day was a lot of fun, and full of laughs. Especially laughing at ourselves for showing up an hour early. Eager much... Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures, boo, I forgot to put the memory stick back in my camera.  Brooke had her camera working so you can look at them on her blog.


  1. Thanks for running with me, even though you could have left me in the dust you were kind enough to stick with me. The next one i give you permission to ditch me and show off your mad running skills.