Sunday, January 4, 2015

sunday's thought

forgive or not to forgive that is the question (well the question that has been on my mind a lot lately).

i have been seriously struggling with what it actually takes to forgive someone. in mind my the only way to forgive someone is if they apologized to me. it has become so abundantly clear that my way isn't the right way. especially, if i want to move on and be a happier person. while studying forgiveness, i came across this tidbit from Spencer W. Kimball.

In the context of the spirit of forgiveness, one good brother asked me, “Yes, that is what ought to be done, but how do you do it? Doesn’t that take a superman?”

“Yes,” I said, “but we are commanded to be supermen. 

i seriously had an enlightening moment when i read it. 
i need to be brave enough to forgive. strong enough to defeat the bad thoughts that just bring me down. also, forgive and fight with all your might to forget.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

goodbye 2014, i'm glad you happened

Our 2014 year started off hard, sad, and a little lonely. Ricky and I spent the first 5 months apart while he went to train. Being a single mom, I had to make all the rules and enforce those rules, diaper change all by myself, and make all of the fun for the kiddos. It was a great learning experience for me and it definitely prepared me for what life was going to be like here. I wouldn't have survived those five months if it wasn't for family. I'm so grateful for your willingness to help, to babysit, and drive us around for hours(14+ one way) just for a short weekend with Ricky.

I took the kiddos to zion to get some fresh mountain air. Lacey still talks about it and the remembers the music I played while driving up there. The hike was so nice and peaceful. I miss seeing those beautiful mountains.

Before leaving for Arizona, we got to meet a new family member. I was afraid that I would break her because I'm used to jack, who is a mighty big boy. Lacey got to hang out with her cousins one last time for a few days. Moving far away from my sisters is just about the saddest thing I can think of but hopefully we will meet again:) 

While going to a crossfit gym I met this neat, super strong, and amazing lady. She was a huge help during my time away from Rick. I'm glad I always had someone at the gym to laugh with, and kick some iron butt with. 

grrrrr! Ricky in uniform. He's all mine ladies. I'm so proud of this guy for following his dream. He got out of his comfort zone and took a chance. I'm grateful I get to go along for the ride. Moving here has been a hard adjustment. I have spent many hours crying, and ricky has spent those same hours comforting me. 

When it rains here, it pours. I love love love monsoon season, and the kids do not mind all of the puddles it brings. 

While cleaning the outside of the temple, we were asked if we would like a tour of the inside. I'm glad we didn't refuse. It was an amazing experience, and a great eye opener on what it takes to make sure the temple runs smoothly. My favorite part was climbing up the steeple, and our tour guide. He loved his job, and it showed.

My new ward is so small. When I first attended the chapel wasn't full, there was a lot of spanish speaking and singing. I wondered how we would survive it, but now I feel so lucky it is here. The church and ward family made moving here an easier transition; a home away from home.  I love it, and love that it is unique.

I have two of the best kids ever.
 we made it little ones! 
goodbye 2014 and welcome 2015.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

22 mile temple walk

as a relief society, we decided to walk 22 miles to the st. george temple!
it was such a great experience.
i loved "walking" in pioneer shoes.
getting a glimpse, at the sacrifice john rowe moyle made was an eye opener for me.
it was painful reminder that having a car is a blessing.

please forgive my awkward face. the three of us took off to jog the last 8 miles.
i thought i was in better shape.
at the end everything hurt, including my cheeks (on my face).

Sunday, March 4, 2012

picnic at red cliffs

yesterday was so warm.
so we headed for the outdoors, did a picnic, and hiked at red cliffs.
i am so grateful that spring is here. i tend to hibernate during winter.
like a bear.
i sleep and lay around too much.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

perpetual commotion

she can always find a way to make a mess.
the box speaks for itself...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

just some pictures

lacey had so much fun while feeding the ducks.
they all flocked over to her while she threw one crumb at a time.
poor birdies.

she has gotten into the habit of crossing her fingers.
i love knowing this little thing about her.

Friday, December 30, 2011

this is my tribute

ricky has grown a beard every fall since i have known him.
this year he really out did himself by growing an epic beard.
 i'm talking inches...
he was really proud of his hairy face.
so i made him a little something with my photoshop skills.