Friday, September 30, 2011


fish lake is a wonderful place. so peaceful. we just sat back, and enjoyed the moment. getting away from hurricane is just what i needed to get re-sparked. playing this waiting game has really taken a toll on me. i got a case of the blues. i hate having pity for myself. after all life isn't bad, we are just waiting a really really long time. i have been holding my breath for a year, just waiting to inhale again. i guess big mountains with giant lakes are here just so i can chillax, and breath.
the bee population up there was scary. i'm pretty sure rick and i scared lacey for life, by the way we stressed around those bees. she did follow our example to jump, and scream with every buzz we heard. very comical. we did try fishing again, and again we failed. it turns out that we need help. how do you entice a fish?


  1. Hey buddy... What's going on with you? You're making me sad... reading stuff like this.

  2. Sorry to be vague buddy... Just feeling down about some stuff that is happening, and not happening. We are hoping for some big changes soon.