Tuesday, September 6, 2011

just a few pictures

we had a fun couple of days visiting family. aubrey took us to discovery park,
 which is the BEST park ever!
it is a big wooden maze of discovery. just amazing.
go, because your child will be entertained as much as i was.
and yes i was running around the jungle gym.
 i was completely amazed at all the little details, and all the games along the walls.

and then we did a quick trip to aunt linda's home. linda pulled out all the old photos of the fam.
it was too much fun watching linda, trisha, and mom laughing at memories.

lacey kept popping those marbles in here mouth.
and it seems like the more i told her no, the more she would stick in there.
ahhh kids...  
it's a good thing i love her.

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