Thursday, March 17, 2011

happy saint patricks day and happy birthday to me

 3 in the AM ricky started my birthday celebration (he has to work really early now). he gave me a pot of gold, but of course i was too tired to enjoy the goodies inside. must be awake to enjoy a big kat. i said that in my head like a zombie. 
i was missing the tradition of going to my sister's, who lives hours away, and shopping the day away. shopping trips should never go away so plan on it next year megan. other than that i had a very enjoyable birthday.
good day.
good food.
 good company.
 good cupcakes.

they taste a lot better than they look.
chocolate cupcake, with chocolate chips sprinkled on the batter, and raspberry butter cream frosting.


  1. Happy happy Birthday yesterday! My phone isn't working at the moment so I apologize for the radio silence on your actual birthday. . . excuses excuses, I know :) Anyway, I'm glad you had a good day! Liebe!

  2. mmmm... Raspberry Buttercream frosting, my favorite!