Wednesday, April 6, 2011

12 months

lacey turned one!
and the really good news is that ricky and i survived the first year. it gets easier from here right?
just jokin'
i love that i get to be her mommy forever.
we had her birthday on monday evening, and i was sooo extremely sick. i don't know how i accomplished anything. lacey won't remember her 1st birthday but i will. every bone in my body ached, i was running on zero sleep, and my eyes hurt so bad.
i hate being sick!
 lacey had fun having everyone watch her.
she wouldn't eat her cake. she just stuck her arms in it and wouldn't let go. i would pull an arm out, and she would put it back in.
 grandma lang gave her squeaky shoes, and lacey loves them as much as i do.


  1. so sad we missed it. however our gift should be there tomorrow or friday.

  2. aww!! she's precious! looks like she had a good time!!!

  3. What a sweet tiny tot she is:-) xoxo

  4. Oh I'm so sad that I missed it all. She is so stinkin' cute!!