Monday, April 25, 2011

easter weekend

i haven't blogged in a long time. now that i'm not counting the months of lacey's life i am feeling lost here. i have also been deeply depressed without my slr camera.
sobbing :( 
it was a chain of unfortunate events that got my camera smashed.
if there was a diaper in the bag, rick wouldn't have left the church,
if the strap hadn't fallen down, lacey would never had gotten to it,
if i put the pile of clothes away the night before rick never would have tripped
with my camera in his hands, and smash it into not working pieces.
my little sony a330
i will miss you.

now lets talk about easter...
on this fun filled weekend i ended up using the snap and shoot camera. it got the job done but...
there was a big greasy thumb print on the lens.
 every picture has a blur.
which for some reason makes me miss my slr even more.

we took L to the easter egg hunt in hurricane. she actually got into it and gathered candy. it was fun to watch her watch the other kiddos, and do what they were doing.

the easter bunny came to our house, and brought this huge bear. it is an awesome cuddling buddy.
 L hugs it and says, "awwwwwe." it is adorable how she does it.
(she got it from me)
wink. wink.

sunday we did our own egg hunt for her. we made libby, luellen, and uncle will play along. they are the only other "kids" in the family.

i absolutely loved my weekend. we celebrated Christ, we planted a garden, two easter egg hunts, lots of family time, and the weather was perfect.

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  1. You planted a garden! Fun! What did you plant? I'm hoping this year's gardens fill us each with confidence and our future will be filled with gardening...

    P.S. Tyler owns the Zoolander look. He even has the super straight hair that sticks up into the sky if it doesn't have gel in it.