Monday, May 9, 2011

little sahara

we got to escape this weekend!
and it was wonderful.
went to the little sahara dunes to ride around, and camped for three days.
thanks jurkiewicz for the invite. i am shocked the way megan can ride the grizzly around.
i'm scared to drive off a steep hill, and she is powering up and down them.
you are incredible my dear.
it was a blast. i am reconsidering selling the 4wheeler now.
get out of debt quickly, or get out of debt slowly... 
this was lacey's first camping adventure, and things didn't go as smoothly as i was hoping for.
the poor girl cried a whole bunch because of the lack of sleep.
ricky took her on the 4wheeler, and she fell asleep on the ride.
how cute is that.

i love that i am the only one playing in the sand. i was making an awesome sand castle with no tools. then i realized  it would be easier if i had a shovel and bucket, so i quit.

look at her striking a pose for me. lacey, my joy, you are too fun!

but the trip took a nasty turn of unpleasantness.
on our way home a tire on the trailer blew.
it was a big expensive mess, and added five hours to the trip. boo.

little sahara is beautiful. i loved it. now who is up for more camping because i am.


  1. How Fun!!! And her pose is so stinkin' cute! :)

  2. I love her little flip-flops. . . We have to go camping. I hate that we have not been faithful Garrett campers.