Tuesday, May 31, 2011

memorial day

first of all i want to say is, "God bless America, land that I love."
i can't imagine myself going to war or ricky for that matter.
what a blessing it is to be surrounded by the courageous.

my memorial day was beautiful.
ricky didn't have to work, so he let me sleep in, while he grabbed some doughnuts at the store. (i love a fresh apple fritter)
my visiting teachers came with great inspiring words,
and then we drove up to parowan to be with the lang gang. 

we ate dutch oven for lunch.
 my father in law just so happens to be the best at cooking dutch oven. never say no to vern, because you'll never be disappointed.
we also looked at some history sites.
the old church is full of interesting things, and then some bats.
real bats.
 libby and i came across one hanging off of a dress. it gave me the heeby geebies.

my favorite part of the day, was riding our bikes around town.
i could definitely get into some more bike riding.

so we are headed off to the grand canyon for our next adventure.
i have never been there while living in southern utah. we leave next weekend, and i am so excited.

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