Tuesday, June 14, 2011

san diego





this was a great get away. ricky needed a break from work, and i was in the mood for something different.

san diego is HUGE! i can't believe how close people are willing to live next to each other. they are shoved in there like sardines.
well at least from my perspective (a small town one).
i love san diego.
i want to live there...
but getting used to all the bodies would be a challenge.

our first stop was to the temple. it was beautiful. i was amazed because
the temple grounds were so peaceful in such a busy place like san diego. i love how a temple can make the environment disappear.

then we spent the next day at the zoo. don't go in the morning because apparently animals like to sleep in. there wasn't much action, and left me a little disappointed.
the most exciting thing i saw was a gorilla up close. it was amazing, watching it, watch us.
i take that back.
it was kind of creepy.
then we took lacey to the beach. she wasn't impressed, and had enough of our vacation.
poor littlelito was really suffering when she wasn't getting 12 hours of sleep.
but my favorite part of the beach was the board-walk. i love looking at everything. so the beach on one side and cute little houses on the other is my ideal walk about.
and next time we go, i am bringing my roller blades.

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