Tuesday, July 5, 2011

kolob rules

it was so nice to be up in the mountains where it was very super cool. you know not 107 outside.
 i really loved getting some fresh air too.
ricky has been eager to go fishing for awhile now, so we decided to do just that on his day off.
it was kind of funny to watch his fishing skills. he snapped his line twice while throwing the bait into the water. he spent more time fixing his pole than actual fishing. better luck next time.
i wasn't much better. but who cares...because we didn't.
it was hard to complain when you have tasty treats (white cheddar cheetos) and sitting by a lake.

the kiddo had fun too, making me chase her all over that mountain. gotta love her!


  1. Ummm white cheddar cheetos are pretty much amazing! Lacey is getting so big and so so cute. We need to have another play date

  2. White cheddar cheetos and pepsi make the world a beautiful place. I love the pictures you take of that cutie girl.